Causes of WW1

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Essay question: Did the assassination of Franz Ferdinand make war inevitable?


In this essay I will explain if the assassination of Franz Ferdinand made war inevitable, there are two different views of this, that later I will explain.


The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the last causes that made the war begin. Well this is true as, as you know there were a lot of causes before the assassination of Ferdinand, that I will explain in the second paragraph. This cause in particular brought so much trouble that ended up with a big war; a Serb called, Gavrilo Princip, killed archduke  Franz Ferdinand. He was the heir of the throne in Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary sent an ultimatum which consisted in demanding Serbia to become part of Austria-Hungary if they wanted to avoid war because of the assassination. She didn´t become part of Austria-Hungary so Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. After that it became a chain: Russia supported Serbia ,so Germany declared war on Russia, France supported Russia so Germany declared war on France, Great Britain supported France and so at the end the great war began.


In this paragraph I will explain the other possibility why this war started. This war also can be related to the other causes of world war one. Here are other causes that led to war; Arms race: There were four countries involved: Germany, France, Russia and Britain. Countries were preparing for war, a threatening act that brought tension and fear. There was a plan of Germany called the schlieffen that was a special designed attack: it consisted in France turning to Russia Not really. France´s plan for war was the Plan XVII that involved a prompt invasion in Germany and Belgium before Germany could mobilise its reserves. They expected the war to last until Christmas 1914 ; Naval race: The countries that were involved in the Naval race were: Germany, Great Britain. They competed for the best navy. The ships were dreadnoughts; Balkans crisis: The Balkans was  a very unstable area . Also slavs wanted their independence. Britain and France wanted Russia out of the Mediterranean but then the three of them were allies…( they didn’t want to share the trade with Russia). In 1908, Bulgaria declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire, and Bosnia and Herzegovina joined Austria-Hungary. In 1909 the Treaty of Berlin was signed to bring the crisis to an end. The crisis damaged relations between Austria-Hungary on the one hand and Serbia and the Russian Empire on the other. Although the crisis ended with what appeared to be a total Austro-Hungarian diplomatic victory, Russia became determined not to back down again and to build a powerful army for emergencies. 1st Morocco crisis 1905: In the first Morocco crisis The countries involved were: France, Germany and Great Britain. France wanted to control Morocco, Germany wanted the independence of Morocco ( really she didn’t want that, she had the same intentions of France).Great Britain was neutral at first, but in 1907 The Triple Entente between France, Great Britain and Russia was formed. And after that, Great Britain supported France.

France and Germany wanted to control Morocco, and Great Britain supported France. Finally the Crisis was solved when Britain, France, Italy, Russia, the US, and Germany signed an agreement in 1906; 2nd Morocco crisis 1911: In this crisis the countries involved were  France Britain and Germany. The crisis started again because there was a rebellion, so the sultan of Morocco asked France to help him. France lent money to Morocco. France made a huge loan to Morocco and took control of taxes so Germany sent a gunboat to Morocco to protect her trade because she was afraid France taking Morocco.  Also Britain was afraid about Germany, in the end France kept Morocco and the compensation for Germany for the loss was the colonies of the Middle Congo. Well all this that i have explain are the causes that started war.


In my conclusion there are two views to see the beginning of this war one the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and the other causes creating tension, but also these two things together could also make the war begin.