Imagine you are Angela. Write a letter to a friend/relative telling him/her about the incident with Mr. Loveday. Explain how you have helped him and how responsable for what he has done. Write a letter asking for advice 120 – 150


Hello Maria, I wonder if you could help me with a problem. The other day I was visiting my father in asylum because of the incident in the garden when my father attempted suicide, I met some interesting guy called Mr. Loveday, he is a nice man, I met him because he is the “assistant” of my father and also a patient.


As he was a cure man I have done the possible to take him away from the asylum. When he finally went out of there we do a party celebrating his outing. After two hours the police had found a corpse, of a girl strangle, and besides her there was her bicycle.


Now I feel awful because I trusted a man that I knew for a short time, and that killed a girl because of my fault. So please let me know what you think I should do.

Kisses, Angela.



 Dear Sarah, I have just received your email, you don’t have to be ashamed for failing your exams. I will give you some advice that you can improve in your studies and exams from now on.


First you are a very intelligent person, I know that you get nervous when there is an upcoming exam, also that you don’t like to study as hard as you have to studied. In my opinion you have to sit one week before or more depending on the subject and then you have to summarize the things you do in class, and read it how many times you need them for the test.


So from now on you have to promise me that you will improve in your study my tips to pass them. As soon as you have the grades send me a mail saying if you pass or if you don`t. If you may not pass again, I will give you the number of a friend of mine that can help you.

Kisses, Martina Ibarbia