Unseen paper: tips



Universal themes:

  • rite of passage
  • displacement, alienation (isolation)
  • empowerment (power relations)

Mother – father/ son – daughter



  • Postcolonialism (colonizer, colonized)
  • Inner vs outer self
  • Characters vs context


Mentioned literary devices

  • Point of view
  • Symbols
  • Pathetic fallacy
  • Metaphors/similes
  • Hyperbolic language
  • Specularity
  • Epiphany
  • Dramática irony
  • Tone/mood/atmosphere


Semantic fields

  • Pay attention to specific vocabulary (nature,daily life etc)


1. The story retells the life two friends, John Ward and Henry Rossiter, who live an overpopulated world in a distant future. The amount of space one person can occupy is only thirty eight square feet, and both friends share a “cubicle” to live in. They both have trouble dealing with the crowded city, where pedestrian traffic jams can last for an entire day. One day Ward discovers a forgotten room, with lots of space, adjacent to their cubicle. Both friends feel extremely exited, since their biggest dream had come true: to have more space. As they have lots of free space to fill up, they buy a Victorian wardrobe which they love and are really happy because now they are able to have it. Later, they invite their girlfriends to share the extra room with them. However, the girls ask their families to move in, which causes Ward, who used to despise landlords, to become a landlord himself, and only focuses on earning more money rather than on enjoying their new space. In the end, Ward and Rossiter need more space, since they had run out of it again, so the break up the beautiful wardrobe, which symbolized the thing they had longed for their entire lives, and now didn’t have anymore: space.

2. The problem of overpopulation leads to the issue of loss of privacy that is another main theme in the story. Since they don’t have privacy and space their lives aren’t normal. They have to wait at least one day of traffic and the size of the cubicles are extremely restricted.

3. The world is excedingly overpopulated, which causes the inhabitants in Billenium to become obsessed with the idea of gaining more space. They have absolutely no privacy and nowhere where they can be alone, which is what they seek. We can see this in the reactions of Ward and Rossiter when they discover the hidden room. More space equals a new, better, improved life.

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8. Rossiter is more agresive than Ward, and he is the one who persuades him to let the girls move into their room, and later to remove the wardrobe. He causes them to lose their privacy again, and becomes absorbed with the idea of getting more space for more people, so he doesn’t realize he’s losing his own privacy.

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11. The secret room in the story represents a new chance of having a new life, a more confortable one. It’s their chance of renovating theirselves and fullfilling their biggest dream. However, without realizing it, they end up ruining their chance.

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13. In their secret room they end up allowing and accomodating to the same lifestyle they had before. Their room was much bigger, however they allowed so many people in that now it feels the same way as the smaller cubicle did before.

14. The author uses third person point of view in the story, and he chooses specific words to highlight the lack of space.

Nazi Germany

In History class we are studying «Nazi Germany». We did four activities realated to this topic.

First we did a presentation, which in my case was about «Nazi Propaganda». For the presentation my group, Victoria Landolfo, Sybilla Correa and Ignacio Maestro and I, got creative and we did a Facebook about Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda. Here I leave the link to the Facebook.

The second activity was the movie «Freedom Writers», that retelled the story of some students that were so poorly educated that they didn`t know what the Holocaust was. So then their teacher proposed them to read «The diary of Anne Frank». I really liked this movie it was very shoking to see the lives they had.

The third activity was the talk that Martin leguizamon did. He talked about his expierence in «Marcha por la vida», and how it affected in his life being part of such big event. I really enjoyed his visit to the school and I think it was very interesting to see all the pictures about the visit.

And lastly we went to the Holocaust Museum, where a woman explained us all the events of that time and all the horrible things that happended.I really liked the visit but  I wasn`t expecting all those shocking pictures the museum shown. Below I will post some of the photos.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-14-at-16-59-10-4whatsapp-image-2016-10-14-at-16-59-10-2 whatsapp-image-2016-10-14-at-16-59-10whatsapp-image-2016-10-14-at-16-59-10-1

Analysis tyres

(p.404) key moment

No, they can see the War is near!

War is really happening in front of their eyes!!

Love and War get interconnected (p.404-405)

Specularit: he feels reflected on the body of a young boy (son of butcher’s)

Climax: point of no return, hw finally feels involved/touched

(P.405) Description of the «act» full of emotional.

The narrator feels alive!

Ending (p.407)


He is alive but dead inside

Feels guilty: narrator: stagnation, he never grew out of it, senseless life

He spends the rest of his life for his mistakes


A narrator telling his memories (flashback)

Tone: sad, depressing, romántica, guilty

He couldn’t move on


Love and War, rite of passage, guilt

Lion heart


1. Read the poem.

2. Look up words in the dictionary

3. Who is the writer?

4. Check what the merlion is. Find a photo to illustrate your post in your blog.

5. Watch the following videos and take notes to analyse the poem in detail.

6. Can you say this poem is about love? If so, love for what/whom?



2. Dappled: with spots

crests: top of a wave

bud: a flower

teased: make fun of

ivory: elefant tooth

sinews: tendon in meat

runes: characters of an ancient alphabet

heralding: anounce/message man

amid: in the middle of

shroud: a cloth or sheet in which a corpse is wrapped for burial.

beheld: see/ovserve

sheen: shine

haunches; human anatomy

squall: wind storm

crackling: chispiant

snugly: combortable

sapling: young tree

swaddled: rub up tightly

3. The writer of the poem is Amanda Chong. She is from singapore.

4. The merlion is mythical creature with a lion’s head and a body of a fish.


6. Yes, the poem is about love. Is about love towards the country Singapure.

Art proyect

In the art class I am doing a proyect about the colors. I am using differen types of paints. Like pencils, crayons, water painting, acrílic, etc. Here I leave you some of my drawings.

En la clase de arte estoy haciendo un proyecto acerca de los colores. Estoy usando distintos tipos de pinturas, como lápices, crayones, acuarelas, acrílico, etc. Acá les dejo algunos de mis dibujos.

IMG_20160808_111704 IMG_20160808_111628