Monkey Gone To Heaven – The Pixies

The Pixies is band that was formed in 1986 in Boston. The predominant genre is pop/rock, and its style vary from alternative pop/rock,, alternative indie rock and college rock.



Monkey Gone to Heaven»‘s main theme is enviromentalism. The song mainly deals with man’s destruction of the ocean and «confusion of man’s place in the universe. «Monkey Gone to Heaven» includes references to numerology in the lyrics «If man is five/then the Devil is six/and God is seven». It’s a reference from what I understand to be Hebrew numerology, and I don’t know a lot about it or any of it really. I just remember someone telling me of the supposed fact that in the Hebrew language, especially in the Bible, you can find lots of references to man in the 5th and Satan in the 6th and God in the 7th, The line «monkey gone to heaveb» itself forms a basis for the song, which revolves around man’s relationship with the divine and environmentalism.