Rooms and my own Room

I can connect the poem to my room. My room makes me feel comfortable is the place where I think and I make reflections about my life. Everything that is in there is crucial to my personal comfort if something is moved or misplaced I automatically recognised it. I Believe that every room is a world there are certain things which  characterize each of us. Also it represents our personalities. If
A room is gloomy, light is very soft and it is barely seen the sunlight for it means the person is constantly sad and little bit shy. Although if the room is full of colours it has pictures sometimes frames it means for me that, the one who owns the room is very cheerfully, extrovert. In my particular case my room is a mix of things, it has a very soft light and sun barely enters but the color is a light blue which brings me happiness and there are lots of pictures of me and my friends.

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