The Hollow of the Three Hills and The Haunting of Hill House: Gothic Elements

In The Hollow of the Three Hills by Nathaniel Hawthorne we have the theme of sacrifice, death, regret, guilt, desperation and bravery.
Hill house is a series which contains certain elements. Supernatural elements of Hill House are real paranormal manifestations and happenings in the characters’ minds. The trick is to read carefully and find out which is which.

The two of them have things in common, I am not talking only about the themes but the Imagery. As The Hollow of the Three Hills is a poem it only contain imagery which we can imagine the situation and the fear that provoked, in the case of the film The Haunting of Hill House has short video trailers which we can see the same imagery that Hawthorne transmits Both of them left the reader or the viewer with the same uncomfortable emotion.

Hawthorne uses dark descriptive imagery to draw in his audience into the ambiguous and mysterious setting that characterizes this Gothic fairytale. From the get-go, Hawthorne clearly depicts the darkness, mystery, and evil of the world.

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