Activity 1

Answer the following questions

1. Read about the writer.

Make notes about her life and about what may have influenced her writings. Why is it said that the life of the writer was a tragedy?

After the death of her sister from cancer in 1927, she descended into a deep depression, and was admitted to a nursing home where she eventually committed suicide

2. Read the poem: how are “rooms” described?

Rooms are described as a nostalgic place, something the author miss

3. “The poem offers us a poignant account of loss as qualified through the depiction of abandoned rooms. Rooms are the physical means to which relationships are developed and consecrated. It entails intimacy and love, as well as abandon and death. It shelters individuals, as well as couples, from the harshness of the natural elements outside, providing them with a private and cosy space. There is also a sense of shifting dependence as the couples travel from room to room, leaving their trails behind and simultaneously having images of the abandoned rooms imprinted upon their memories.”

Account for this with quotation from the poem

4. The poem begins “I remember”. What does this tell you about the voice? And the tone?

It has very powerful beginning, it tells you that the voice has a nostalgia of something past. The tone is melancholic and sad.

5. What is the theme in your opinion? What is the tone?

The theme is memories from the past and the tone is sad and melancholic nostalgic memories, depress.