Domestic violence


I am going to talk about domestic violence, which unfortunately, is common to hear these days. The article I chose deals with a woman, named Deborah, who is psychologically and physically abused by her husband. She has been abused ten years after getting married, and one thing I did not tell you is that she also has aneurological condition, that makes things even worst. She couldn’t get away easily because of her illness. She had felt like a “freak” after being diagnosed when she was 17. As the doctors said and I quote “One in four women experience domestic violence, some do not. But for women with a disability this, figures doubles.” For example, her husband would threaten her by saying that he wasn’t going to prepare a hot meal, when she was too ill to feed herself, sometimes he wouldnt cook anything at all. Here is where we ask ourselves, why didn’t she leave when the abuse began?, the answer is so simple, escaping from an abuser can mean leaving  a home adapted to meet their needs. In conclusion Deborah, in 2010, left her abusive husband and arranged to live with a friend.


My opinion


At first I didn’t find an article that caught my attention like this one. I never heard about women with disabilities being abused. In my opinion this article was missing a paragraph talking about how to prevent these things, I think that would have been helpful to stop it.




Burden: a heavy load that you carry: My elderly mother worries that she’s a burden to me.


Belittling: My dad had a nasty habit of belittling us when we were kids.

Distressing: To compel by pain or force of circumstances: His suffering distressed him into committing suicide.