Nazi Germany

In History class we are studying «Nazi Germany». We did four activities realated to this topic.

First we did a presentation, which in my case was about «Nazi Propaganda». For the presentation my group, Victoria Landolfo, Sybilla Correa and Ignacio Maestro and I, got creative and we did a Facebook about Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda. Here I leave the link to the Facebook.

The second activity was the movie «Freedom Writers», that retelled the story of some students that were so poorly educated that they didn`t know what the Holocaust was. So then their teacher proposed them to read «The diary of Anne Frank». I really liked this movie it was very shoking to see the lives they had.

The third activity was the talk that Martin leguizamon did. He talked about his expierence in «Marcha por la vida», and how it affected in his life being part of such big event. I really enjoyed his visit to the school and I think it was very interesting to see all the pictures about the visit.

And lastly we went to the Holocaust Museum, where a woman explained us all the events of that time and all the horrible things that happended.I really liked the visit but  I wasn`t expecting all those shocking pictures the museum shown. Below I will post some of the photos.

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