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Assault in a bank


The 14 of July in Valencia, a bank has been assaulted by ten criminals. Apparently they were professional, because five of them escaped perfectly without leaving any footprint or clue. They were last seen with black costumes and armed with 2 mm guns. The police said that they were twenty one hostages and two of them were injured by the thieves. The two of them are out of danger and safely in their homes. They also claimed that one of the thieves had confessed that they were planning to assault more than one bank.


One of the victims said that they were forced to put all the money in a bag and then without looking give it to the criminals. Also he said that they wanted to set afire the bank after finishing with the assault.


The judge claimed that the criminals were guilty of threatening the people with the crime arson, assaulting the bank and also because of shooting one of the hostages. They are now sentenced for life imprisonment. However, the police is still looking for the fugitives.


Crime report

Mom pleads not guilty to setting home afire with kids inside.

This evening Sarah, mom of three kids, set their home afire with them inside. The episode happened at 5:00 pm on Parana and Santa Fe on the 1063.

Two of the kids were rescued without injures and the other one was found crashed under the walls and he was taken to the nearest hospital.

The mom was charged and acused for commiting te crime arson. She was sentenced and taken away from the kids.

Now the kids are living with their father and they are safe from danger. Their mom, Sarah is in prision and she is sentenced for life.