My Favourite Holiday photo



This picture was taken by me, in my house of Pinamar. I remember that before I took it the lights went off. It was a rainy day and I decided to take it because I really like those types of days.

And in this pocture you can not see ir but that day the weather looked like a filter of a photo. After I took it, it started to rain again, and I ran away because there was thunder and lighting.

I chose this picture because that day it was the birthday of a family member. And we had fun and a great time. When I look at the picture I remember the summer

2 comentarios en “My Favourite Holiday photo

  1. Hi Martu!! Your presentation was really good and I love your picture. It makes me remember how we enjoyed the rainy days this summer in Pinamar as we had an excuse to stay inside and watch Netflix!!

  2. Hi,
    Your presentation was clear, but in some parts, I didn’t understand what you were saying. You spoke fluently and it was well organised. What I learnt is that you went to Pinamar.

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