The orange juice

In the class of speaking skills, with Dani, she gave us the assignment of creat  a poem, in pairs, based on the one we read in class and then record it alone. I did mine with Ines Galmarini.

The Orange Juice

We really like orange juice

Me and my family drink it three days a week

Today I woke up, grabbed my orange juice

and went to work.

Honestly I didn’t know that this could  happened!

I got fired! Duh!

I am desperate! What am i going to do?

The only thing I was thinking about when I arrived home was

neither the money

neither the food,

I only cared about the orange juice!

But suddenly.


I got an Idea!

Why not steal the orange juice from my neighbor next door!

It is easier than getting a new job, you know?

So one morning before my neighbor woke up,

I stole his orange juice!

Hooray! Now I got juice for the entire weekend.

So on monday I stole the orange juice again.

When I got home I poured a whole glass of orange juice

And then i gulped all of the juice into my mouth.

But then..


The juice was really spicy!

I had spited it all out!

After this, I swear I won’t steal others people Orange Juice,

Because sometimes they can come sabotaged!


In the class of writing skills, Dani, gave us An assignment that consisted on choosing our top 3 booktubes and then explain a little of each and post it in the blog.

The first: 

I chose it because of the way he talks, because it was very clear and fluent. I think that the whole point of making a booktube is to speak correctly with attractive words and with a loud and clear voice.

The second:

I chose it because it was funny to listen and agreeable. I think the girl is really creative because of the way she managed to explain a book by writing a song.


The third:

The last one I chose it because I know the writer John Green and Ansel Elgort and I loved the books he wrote and also I enjoy listening to his entertaining videos!

In literature class, Pato Chujman, gave us an assigment, 5 questions, and divided us into groups of 3 people. I made this with Rosario Vago and Rosario Segura. We made 1-5

Here is the Poster that Fefi Marty And Silvestre Braun did. They made 3-7


Here is the poster that Victoria, Lola and Ines did. They made 6-10


that Lucas, Vignesh, Gonzalo and Martin did. They made 9-14


Here is the poster that Maria, Margui and Miu did. They made 12-17

jaja 3 jeje

Here is the poster that Juana, Elena, Flor and sybilla did. They made 15-20


Here is the poster that Malek, Jeronimo, Benjamin and Santiago did. They made 19-23


My Favourite Holiday photo



This picture was taken by me, in my house of Pinamar. I remember that before I took it the lights went off. It was a rainy day and I decided to take it because I really like those types of days.

And in this pocture you can not see ir but that day the weather looked like a filter of a photo. After I took it, it started to rain again, and I ran away because there was thunder and lighting.

I chose this picture because that day it was the birthday of a family member. And we had fun and a great time. When I look at the picture I remember the summer