Today with pato, in the literature class, we read a poem called «mirror». And then after reading it we do our poems.


7) The symbol of water : Water popularly represents life. The symbol of light: it represents the spiritual and the divine, it is illumination and intelligence: . The symbol of darkness: it darkness can cause chaos, it isassociated with death and destruction . The symbol of reflection: Is a symbol that shows who you really are without distort the reality .

8)  a- The theme is of a woman that by passing the years is gettin a little old and that is reflected in the mirror of the poem.

b- the tone is thoughtful and realistic because is true, when the years pass we came a little more older and older, also this girl think much about her appearance and it is all the time trying to hide what she really is.

c-Internal conflict: in the poem there is an internal conflict because is about a girl that is mad with she, with she appearance. Here the mirror is only an object that reflect exactly who is this girl, the matter is that she don´t like what she wants. she sees an old woman.

d-Point of view: you can realize that it had a point of view because it is in first person and sometimes it refer in the charcter using she.

e-simile: Here is an example of a simile in the poem, «Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish». like is the simile.

I did this poem with Lola. Its about the feelings of a carpet.

I fell indignated.

People walk over me and hurt my fellings like they don´t care. I have a lot of gray fluffy hair. The floor and the dust are my friends. I watch people all over the day.

Shoes, shoes and shoes all steping in my heart what a sad life that i have, beeing a carpet is so bad.




La cancion preferida

Hoy en la hora de lengua, Carol, nuestra maestra, nos pidió que escribamos nuestro cuento preferido.

A mi mi abuelo siempre de chiquita me cantaba manuelita.

Manuelita vivía en Pehuajó
pero un día se marchó.
Nadie supo bien por qué
a París ella se fue
un poquito caminando
y otro poquitito a pie.
Manuelita, Manuelita,
Manuelita dónde vas
con tu traje de malaquita
y tu paso tan audaz.Manuelita una vez se enamoró
de un tortugo que pasó.
Dijo: ¿Qué podré yo hacer?
Vieja no me va a querer.
En Europa y con paciencia
me podrán embellecer.En la tintorería de París
la pintaron con barniz.
La plancharon en francés
del derecho y del revés.
Le pusieron peluquita
y botines en los pies.

Tantos años tardó
en cruzar el mar
que allí se volvió a arrugar
y por eso regresó
vieja como se marchó